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A little about how this new series of work was born:

It began with a deep appreciation for who came before me.  It became an exploration into finding myself. 

Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park Series has long been a source of inspiration for me.  His use of line, the remnants of his former trials and tribulations.  The sense of deconstructed landscapes and geometry.  As I began this new series of work, I immediately jumped into the elements of his work that have captured and intrigued me on so many levels.  I very quickly realized what I wanted this series to be about.  The Alchemy of being perfectly imperfect.  I have always been drawn to work that leaves a bit of mystery, a balance between something "pretty" or beautiful alongside something that feels gritty and undone.  I'm interested in remnants and the feeling of excavating moments that happened earlier in the painting, so you will purposely see those under layers and marks.  I use assemblage of both raw canvas and painted unprimed canvas to give another layer of tactility to the work.   Each painting in this series has taught me something about myself.  

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