Serenity, *SOLD
Flourish, *SOLD
Free Float, *SOLD
Articulated, *SOLD
Coastal Breeze, *SOLD
Beach swell, *SOLD
Wander, *SOLD
Discover, *Sold
Hush, *Sold
The Dance
Swept Away
Crossroads I
Crossroads II
The Path
Sienna Sun I, *SOLD
Sienna Sun II, *SOLD
Bright Spot, *Sold
Dreamscape I, *SOLD
Dreamscape II, *SOLD
Here for the moment, *SOLD
Discovery, *SOLD
Garden State, *SOLD
Let it unfold, *Sold
Memories, *SOLD
Headwaters, *Sold
In the Clouds
Purple Haze
Untitled Landscape, *Sold
Out of the woods I, *Sold
Out of the woods II, *Sold
Sliding into Fall, *SOLD
A higher place, *Sold
Lost in Reykjavik, *Sold
Certainty, *Sold
Night Watch, *Sold
Nightwatch II
Element I
Element II, *Sold
At dusk
Quiet Places, *Sold
Rolling Hills
Mystic, *SOLD
Seabreeze I, *Sold
Seabreeze II, *Sold
The Cliff II, *Sold
The Cliff I, *Sold
The Cliff III, *Sold
The Cliff IV, *Sold
Joy, *Sold
Enjoy the View, *Sold
Limitless *Sold
Clouds rolling in *Sold
Distance  *Sold
Out of the woods II, *Sold

20 x 20, Acrylic & Charcoal installed in Natural Wood Floater, Available at Ally Bally Bee